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Cobalt Chrome is the latest metal to hit the jewelry industry. These alternative metal rings are becoming a popular choice for wedding bands for their similarity to platinum in color, yet maintaining the durability of tungsten or titanium. Cobalt has a scratch resistant surface that will not fade or tarnish, nor will it break, shatter or chip.Cobalt Chrome is a unique blend that consists of 65%...
Damascus steel, the legendary material used by numerous warriors of the past, including the Crusaders. Its formula had been lost for generations. Damascus steel was derived from blocks of ''wootz,'' a form of steel produced in India. The wootz has unique properties. It was malleable when heated, yet extraordinarily tough when cooled. Our Damascus Steel Rings are produced by the master craftsmen...
Wood is a symbol of warmth and elegance. It is one of the most expressive materials available. It can range from blond to ebony and can reflect light or absorb it. In addition wood can improve our mood .People spending time in spaces with wood surfaces has shown to lower stress responses.Wood rings bind us with nature. We are offering a large variety of rings with wood inlay. Our rings are virt...
Meteorite is formed in space with unique and natural patterns. Each color and pattern is different and may include natural dark spots. The meteorite used for our rings was formed millions of years ago and has cooled, crystallized and fallen to the earth. Meteorite consists primarily of iron and can be inlayed into Ttitanium, black zirconium or cobalt chrome.Available sizes are from size 4 up to...
Tungsten jewelry is more and more in vogue. Its unique designs and fine polishing are the main reasons of it being so popular. Its other key features are extreme durability, hardness, high scratch resistant, strong resistant to oxidation and tarnish, and the lustrous for ife.Our tungsten wedding bands are made of tungsten carbide without any harmful materials, each piece reaches international s...
10-Feb-2018 Salinas, CA (13 miles) Jewelry Rings for Sale
14k White Gold Channel-Set Diamond Anniversary Band Ring
16-Feb-2018 Pebble Beach, CA (14 miles) Jewelry Rings for Sale
This was purchased approximately 15 years ago and given to me in 2009. I do not have a receipt/verification, etc. As you can see from the photos, one of the prongs is bent- but can easily be fixed by a jeweler. I've had the size verified - it's about a 7.5. The photos aren't the best- so the serial number inside the band is 17805576. Ct. .31
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